Blood, Sweat, and Tears

These incredible accomplishments are not easy to achieve. Read these amazing testimonies from our community to understand why.

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Meet Sophie. She embarked on a 100-day fitness challenge with Pulse Lab to lose weight and improve her general fitness. Let’s just say the outcomes were spectacular!

She was crowned “Miss Consistency.”

Sophie has never given up, no matter how difficult it has been. Her tenacity and determination were rewarded.

It wasn’t an easy task, but she pulled it off. Read all about her challenge here:



Pulse Lab Singapore Personal Training Open Gym Transformation Testimony

Cindy chan

Cindy joined Pulse Lab with a goal in mind — to lose weight and improve her fitness level, with the specific aim of completing her half marathon under 2hr30mins. She took up Personal Training under Coach Jeremy, and also attended our HIIT classes on a regular basis. In a short span of just 4 months, Cindy not only lost 7kg, but has also grown a lot stronger than before.

Personal training under Jeremy has been both challenging and fun, with exceptional results benefiting my physical and mental tenacity. His dedication to his craft is clearly demonstrated such that he ensures all movements I execute are done with precision and explains the "why", "what", and "how" of the movement and where the benefits are as a result. I am now conscious of how I exercise on my own, what I eat and how to exercise safely above all. One of my aims was also to complete a half marathon in under 2hr 30min... And I did! 🤭

Pulse Lab Singapore Personal Training Open Gym Transformation Testimony

Andy Low

Andy has been with Pulse Lab since its conception in 2017, and his transformation has been nothing but impressive! His consistency in attending classes weekly has paid off. To date, Andy has lost 7kg, grown much stronger, and exceeded many expectations! We can’t wait to see what the future brings you, Andy! 

Exercising is way more motivating when doing it with like-minded individuals compared to doing it alone. Consistency is the hardest throughout this journey. Therefore the positive environment at Pulse Lab is what keeps my training regime going. Without Pulse Lab, I would have given up after losing some weight

Pulse Lab Singapore Personal Training Open Gym Transformation Testimony

Trina ong

Before joining Pulse Lab, Trina’s understanding of exercise was solely for weight loss. While she swam and ran occasionally, she never found purpose and drive to maintain an active lifestyle. In 2018, when she joined Pulse Lab, she learnt that exercise was more than just for losing weight. Through Personal Training sessions with Jeremy, Trina learnt about the body anatomy, how different forms of exercise built different muscle groups etc. Trina grew stronger and lost more than 10kg, but she also saw drastic improvements in her health and gained much more confidence in her fitness level! She is in the healthiest and fittest stage of her life and is even going for a half marathon — something she never dared to dream of a year ago!

Pulse Lab has made me feel confident and has made exercise a part of my life. Through PT and classes, I have learnt that we can be successful if we set goals to improve our health and fitness levels instead of simply losing weight.

Pulse Lab Singapore Personal Training Open Gym Transformation Testimony


When Kenny first joined Pulse Lab, he weighed 92kg and was hardly active. As a young father of 2, he was driven by the motivation to be a responsible husband and father and decided to do something concrete for his health. Fast forward two years, Kenny has not only surpassed his initial goal of losing weight but has even gone above and beyond by participating in many races and challenges. One of his most significant achievements would be completing the Ironman race in Taiwan! To date, Kenny continues to train regularly and diligently at Pulse Lab and is working towards greater fitness goals in the coming years!

PL focuses on an integrated fitness program. I learnt about food. Not to diet but how to have a sustainable lifestyle where indulging is not deemed as negative. We learnt to have fun and have a closed knitted community that supports each other. There is no one too fit or too weak to join a class in PL.

Take charge. Break Chains.

It does not end here

Every day, our clients inspire us with their determination and desire to make a positive change in their lives. Taking charge for the better. Pulse Lab is honoured to be a part of their adventure. Find more inspiring experiences with us on social media!

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Pulse Lab Singapore Personal Training Open Gym
Pulse Lab Singapore Personal Training Open Gym